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Debunking marketing myths

Whether you are new to marketing or are familiar with the concept, there are many marketing misconceptions and myths floating around. 

Whilst marketing is continuously developing and changing, so are these fabrications. 

So today we are going to identify and address some of these, to help you keep your marketing strategy on track. 

Instant results

When clients begin marketing, there can sometimes be the expectation of instant results. Whilst using paid ads can kickstart results, they don’t guarantee leads and often only create temporary results.

There is a customer journey when it comes to social media marketing. From a customer’s perspective, it is unrealistic that you would impulsively invest in a business after seeing one post on social media. This is why it is so important to build your brand awareness and reputation, before expecting results. 

Other marketing methods like Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can take over 2 months before you begin to see progress. SEO is essentially improving the visibility of your website and brand. It takes time as you need to build your organic (unpaid) ranking online before successfully appearing on search engines. This involves enhancing your content so your keywords align with what your potential customers are searching for and ensuring your website is user-friendly on both laptops and smartphones.

Being on every platform

It is incredibly common for businesses to feel that they need to post content on every social media platform to keep up. However, different platforms have different demographics of users and your business’s content isn’t always going to be compatible with every platform. Using age, location, and the career of your target audience, we can help identify which platforms will yield the best results for your company. 

Sometimes trying to post on every platform actually results in a lessened quality of content, as content needs to be appropriately adapted for different platforms in order to successfully gain engagement.

Quantity is better than quality

We often find people believe getting as much content as possible out is the best method for gaining engagement. But the reality is that social media and Google algorithms will dictate how much of your content is seen regardless of how often you post. The algorithm prioritises promoting digestible and informative content, rather than spammy irrelevant content. They want to make the user experience as effective as possible.

Producing fewer personalised posts of higher quality will be more informative and useful for your audience, and therefore effective than putting out an array of low-quality content. 

Low-quality content can be detrimental to your brand reputation and could deter potential customers from trusting you.

'My competitors don’t use marketing, so I don’t need to'

We understand the mentality of believing you don’t need marketing if your competitors don’t use it, but it is so wrong! 

It is important to stay ahead of the game in business, and if you invest in marketing before your competitors it simply keeps you ahead. You are seizing other opportunities to find clients that your competitors have not yet considered. If people are searching for your service, marketing can help them to find you.  Also having an online presence with a good following can help your reputation, as it makes you appear more trustworthy and familiar. 

If you want to find out more about how marketing can benefit your business, get in touch for a free consultation about how we can help.

Emma Folkard

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