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Do you want to learn more about marketing and how it can help boost your business? Our training sessions are here to help! We offer a range of events that are perfect for small business owners hoping to develop their marketing skills.

Find out more about the sessions we are running below.


£ - TBC

VENUE - The Maltings

with Daisy Purkis and Colin Mcqueen

The Maltings
E Tyndall St, Cardiff
CF24 5EA

Do you want to grow your business?

This 3-hour in-person workshop is perfect for businesses who are keen to pivot their sales and marketing activities to continue developing and growing their business. Our one ask is that you come ready to take action and be positive about the process.

This workshop will include:

  • Goal setting for 2022
  • Understanding how to join up your Sales and Marketing
  • Insights into rethinking your sales and marketing activities

We are also offering a free 45-minute one-to-one consultation to help you implement the strategy effectively.

12/01/21 @ 3-6pm

Hosted by Marketing Purks and SME Skills Acadamy



VENUE - The Maltings

with Daisy Purkis

The Maltings
E Tyndall St, Cardiff
CF24 5EA

A fun and engaging 5 week course for small business owners where you will learn:

  • The importance of marketing
  • How to create a brand that appeals to your target audience
  • What platforms your business will get the most benefit from
  • How to identify your content pillars
  • How to plan and create content
  • How to report and analyse data

and more…

Every week you will take part in a 2 hour session with a small group of like minded individuals.

You will also have access to a WhatsApp group to interact and share ideas with.


Hosted by Marketing Purks



with Daisy Purkis and Dave Manton

Don’t know where to start with taking photographs for your Social Media?

Join us for a free 60-minute webinar where we will teach you how to take high-quality images for your marketing and why it is important to do so.

Making sure you use high-quality images in your social media marketing is important as it will help you stand out from the crowd.

Using relevant images will allow you to;

  • Gain attention
  • Build loyalty with your audience
  • Communicate important information
  • Increase your engagement

Staying consistent and connecting images with your marketing message will give your brand more power and increase sales. 

20/10/[email protected] 1-2pm 

Hosted by Marketing Purks and Photodrome


Our marketing experts can ensure your business grows with the use of strategies put in place by us.


We are a creative bunch that can design your brand or give your old one a new lease of life.


Our in-house team can design, develop and maintain your business’s online home. 

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