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Jack Wills’ latest marketing campaign!

We need to talk about Jack Wills' new TikTok marketing campaign!

At its peak, Jack Wills was seen everywhere and wearing a hoodie or T-shirt with the pheasant logo on seemed to be the new outside-of-school uniform for anyone aged between 12 and 17. 

After the sales started to drop and they went into administration in 2019, the company was acquired by Sports Direct. They soon realised that they needed to change their outlook on marketing and their target audience. 

They are now making their comeback and TikTok definitely seems to be the right place for them to be as they are now trying to target Gen Z.

Since joining TikTok at the end of 2020, they have gained 37,000 followers and over 400,000 likes, with millions of views on their videos. They have also worked with content creators and influencers including ex-Love Island contestants; Montana Brown and Teddy Soares. 

However, this month they have taken it to the next level as we saw Jack Wills send 45 creators on a private jet to Ibiza to live in a ‘TikTok’ house for two days. 

The creators were a mix of entertainers and comedy personalities and included the likes of Grace Barry (1.9M followers), Anastasia Kingsnorth (1.4M followers), George Clarke (1.2M followers), Max Balegde (1.7M followers) as well as previous Gogglebox stars Joe Baggs (1.1M followers) and George Baggs (800k followers). 

Over the 48 hours that they were in the house, they took part in challenges and reality TV-inspired drama similar to that on Love Island, all whilst wearing the latest Jack Wills collections. The content was made on both the creator’s personal accounts as well as the main Jack Wills account. 

Content included house tours, comedy sketches and short vlogs. Each creator made content that suited their usual style of videos whilst using popular trends and sounds on TikTok. 

Collaborating with these creators has allowed the brand to reach millions of people and have the trending hashtag #TikTokHouseIbiza which has gained over 270 million views! 

Jack Wills is making their return and now that they have identified their target audience, they are making the most out of TikTok. 

I definitely think more brands will be doing similar campaigns in the future after the success Jack Wills has seen. 

If your brand isn’t using TikTok as part of its marketing strategy, then this is your sign!

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Izzie Donovan

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