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Love Island is dumping fast fashion for their brand new partner… eBay!

Love island ebay

This is HUGE news with eBay becoming the show’s first ever pre-loved fashion partner in all its 8 seasons. 

In the newest season of the show, which has previously been partnered with I Saw It First, the Islanders are going to be wearing second-hand clothes and will have access to a shared wardrobe inside the new villa.

Fast fashion uses cheap labour, cheap materials, and has a disastrous impact on our planet. 

With the awareness of this growing, it’s no surprise that Love Island are wanting to capitalise on this by switching to pre-loved fashion – knowing the positive press it would bring them (just look in the news already!)

The speed that trends are coming in and out of fashion has hit an all-time high with Tiktok seeing the rise in dominance of micro trends amongst influencers – with Love Island contestants past, and soon to be present, being a huge contributor to this.

This said, more and more people online are taking notice of the impact these trends are having on the environment and the big brands have noticed… Fast-fashion giants are actively promoting their sustainable and ethical fashion initiatives, once again proving the impact Gen Z can have on a brand’s messaging. 

Most recently, well-known clothing brand, Zara, has changed its returns policy, implementing a cost for returns, to prevent the skyrocketing rate of returns they are seeing from online shoppers as Tiktok impulse purchasing rises.

In 2021, viewers were desperate to recreate the most popular looks, with one of the series winners, Millie Court’s marble dress causing 127% more searches for ‘marble dress’ and her hot pink linen two-piece causing 114% more searches for ‘hot pink co-ord.’


In the last year, however, the searches for ‘pre-loved clothes’ have increased more than ever before, with 80% of Gen Zs confirming they recently bought a second-hand item.

I think that any opportunity used to promote a positive change in the way people shop is welcomed, even if I do believe it has been done to improve public perception of the show itself.

I can’t wait to see the impact this advertising has on social media, public opinion and fashion trends this summer – and obviously for all the drama too…

Meg Williams

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