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What is so good about Made By Mitchell’s Marketing Campaigns?

Mitchel Halliday’s brand ‘Made by Mitchell’, also known as ‘mmmmitchell’ has grown rapidly since it was first founded in 2020. It is a cruelty-free cosmetics brand famously known for its modern take on blusher, rebranding it as a ‘Blursh’, which is a fun and unique way of misspelling the everyday makeup product. It is in a liquid form and has kickstarted the brand into creating other products with a similar consistency, such as the ‘Blursh Bronzed’ being a bronzer and the ‘Blursh Lights’, a highlighter.  

In terms of marketing his brand, it is clear from the recent craze that he has pretty much got it on point! Not only has he gone ‘TikTok’ viral, but he has also collaborated with other popular makeup gurus in order to promote his brand. A popular collaboration is his one with Beauty Bay, which launched in 2019 while the now-popular brand was still in the works, which could suggest that this was one of the catalysts to launching his legacy. 

One of the most recent and possibly my favourite forms of marketing his brand is his ‘mystery bundles’ whereby he includes six anonymous products from his website into a ‘mystery’ package so that the customer can purchase it for a set price of £25.

The customer does not know what is arriving in the package, and like most, they are probably hoping for one of the renowned Blurshes! 

However, this marketing strategy is perfect for getting customers to try products they probably wouldn’t reach for on the website as they are more concerned with joining the hype on TikTok (understandably). Therefore, by being sent products for a reduced price, and if they match their expectations, they are more likely to repurchase them once they have run out. 

Another strategy that definitely works well in 2023 is the emphasis on the fact that his brand is cruelty-free. This is an extremely important factor for the majority of makeup lovers. By highlighting this on the front page of his website and in the bios of all social media, he is more likely to attract customers to his brand. 

The most obvious marketing strategy to mention is the use of TikTok. Not only does he post his products on his TikTok, but he has also enabled customers to purchase his brand from TikTok shop, which also offers its own discounts and coupons, again encouraging customers and TikTok users to purchase from Made by Mitchell. There is also an abundance of influencers raving about his products, which of course, helps the growth of his brand, as everyone is guilty of being influenced by those they follow on social media!

Mitchell and his team have gotten their marketing strategy down to a T! Not only are his products amazing, but his strategy of reaching his target audience has worked enormously in his favour.

Jess Jones

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