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Brands are heading to the streets with their products and possibly the best way to market in 2023, with pop-up shops and outdoor installations not just attracting existing customers to the area, but striking the curiosity of passers-by so they enter and make a purchase – absolutely genius!

This year has been one of, if not the, best year for brands’ marketing campaigns and more and more businesses are thinking outside the box with how to reach their target audiences. 

Take a look at some of our favourite outdoor installations and why we think they work:

Nespresso Beach, Cannes

This outdoor installation, which is located on the coast of Cannes, was Nespresso’s 11th pop-up shop in this location during the fortnight of the Cannes Film Festival. What made this one stand out from the rest was that during this time, Nespresso also launched their new Nespresso Coffee Shop on the beach and their new pods, the eco-friendly coffee pods made from compostable paper. Nespresso didn’t stop there: they also made a humorous video trailer to promote their new pods. They invited several celebrities and influencers to their location on the French Riviera to test out their new coffee shop. With their ‘California Dream’ aesthetic and chefs on site, Nespresso certainly did a great job of enticing customers to visit their pop-up shop and advertising their new products. 

Adidas X Bad Bunny, Coachella 

At this year’s Coachella festival, Adidas teamed up with Bad Bunny to create a cube-shaped pop-up with a zen garden dominating its contents, located on the Adidas Campus Experience in the festival, to celebrate him being the first Latin artist to headline Coachella, as well as their latest trainer release. Festival-goers stopped to snap photographs of the large display and for a background for their own images, which generated even more attraction to the collaboration.  



To celebrate her new SKIMS swim collection, Kim Kardashian brought all of the summer vibes to the Rockefeller Center with her pastel blue pop-up installation featuring a waterfall as well as an outdoor diving board to attract customers inside where they would find walls filled with light pink and iris blue bathing suits, along with other summer swim accessories. Another genius move from Kim was locating her pop-up shop exactly where the Christmas tree is lit up outside the Rockefeller every year. Hence, the location is likely to have a lot of foot traffic all year long. Once passers-by see this magical blue store with water trickling down into the permanent water features, they will have no choice but to enter, and once they do so, I’m sure it would be even harder to leave the swimwear there!


So are outdoor installations the new way to gain awareness for your brand?


Not only does it attract footfall which would inevitably create a more authentic, diverse audience for a brand, but these limited-time-only pop-up stores create worldwide awareness of their brands through the likes of social media and the press. For example, everyone is talking about the Kardashians, so what better way to turn people’s attention towards your business, rather than yourself, than by taking over the spot of the world’s most famous Christmas tree, with your once-in-a-lifetime pop-up store filled with all of your new products? 

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