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When businesses get TikTok right.

So, like the 1.2 billion other people in the world, we too became obsessed with TikTok!

The app, formerly known as (if you know, you know), is the app of choice for the Gen-Zs of the world and are to thank, or blame, for insane challenges, trends and a whole new breed of influencers.

The app has been on the scene since 2018, with it becoming popular at the start of 2020, and being turned into a household name with the growth fuelled by lockdown.

But how has this app developed into more than just a video app?

People said that video marketing was the future and in all instances, the future is here with the amount of video content watched by users doubling since 2018.

The trick to succeeding on TikTok, compared to videos you may send out across other platforms, is appealing to the app’s demographic and ever-changing trends.

Anyone who uses the app will know that even within the space of an hour your ‘For You Page’ (FYP) can look completely different, if you wait a week or even a day to hop on a trend, you risk the chance of missing it.

Here are 3 times businesses have got it absolutely right…

Of course, we had to start with my personal favourite, Ryanair… 

They have 1.6 million followers and a collective 46.9 million likes! They are a great example of how showing up early to trends and experimenting with a new, younger audience can pay off.

The video they posted encouraging other brands to comment takes the crown, with brands like Microsoft, Xbox, Aldi and TikTok themself commenting and jumping on the back of the brand’s success. 

Duolingo is another amazing example of a brand making itself more known to a younger audience, with 3.3 million followers and 63.3 million likes.

They have used the platform to humanise the brand – literally bringing their logo to life with some hilarious, and in some cases rude, content.

Now for our third example, depending on how much time you spend on the internet, you may or may not have heard of them.

Lumberlend is a US-based company, manufacturing mugs and using social media in the most genius way.

They have 2.3 million followers and an amazing 139.2 million likes across the platform, with very little of their content, if any at all, actually being about the products they sell, more the team, culture and general fun around the office.

We will leave you with our top takeaway from looking at these businesses and how they use this platform – 

Approach TikTok as a creator and not as a brand – be fun, creative and build a personality, the sales will follow!

Meg Williams

Accounts and Sales Manager

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