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New Year, New Goals, Reinvent your Brand.

The new year is a time when businesses set their goals for the year. Perhaps your business needs a refresh, to be reinvented, to stand out!

That’s where branding can help you…  

What is Branding?

Branding is the process of researching, developing and applying distinct features or set of features to your business so that consumers can easily associate your brand with your products/services.

The Importance of Branding

Your brand is one of your businesses most important assets. It gives your business identity, makes it memorable and supports your marketing and advertising.

Strong branding instantly communicates to consumers who you are, what you are about and why people should use your products or services.  

However, weak branding can have a negative impact on your brand experience. If it is inconsistent or doesn’t reflect your brand correctly, it discourages people from forming a relationship with your brand.

Fortunately, there are brands that are doing branding right! We have put together some of the team’s favourite branding examples to inspire you! 

1. Glossier

Glossier is a beauty brand that focuses on simple makeup products. Glossier has become a success story not only the beauty industry should be following, but if you have any kind of brand you can probably learn a thing or two from them.

Their website is so aesthetically pleasing, it’s hard to take your eyes off it! The brand allows you to feel immediately connected through authentic product descriptions and information about the brand. 

The blog that started it all Into the Gloss serves as the perfect spot to get to know even more about the brand´s vision. The brand is very focused on building community. Creating conversations with their audience not only helps them develop new products but also to share their unique approach to beauty through them. 

Glossier is definitely a brand for the age of Instagram, their perfectly curated profile perfectly understands their target audience. With pastel pink, portrait based photography, floral arrangements, artistic product swatches and customers´ selfies; creates a welcoming feeling.

All in all, Glossier is the perfect example of branding reflecting its products. 


To reflect their service, Airbnb’s branding is all about living an adventurous and active life. The brand uses people-heavy imagery alongside its bright and bold logo, encouraging people to travel and to use Airbnb to do it.

“Belong Anywhere”

Airbnb’s short and sweet mission proves that often less is more. The concise statement strengthens its brand identity by being memorable. 

If there’s anything central to your brand identity, it’s your logo. Think about the world’s top three brands (Apple, Google, and Coca-Cola) and refer to their simplicity. The Airbnb logo is a fluid design of four concepts: people, places, love and Airbnb, which is cleverly presented in an abstract “A” shape.

Customers are attracted to brands that share the same values as them. Airbnb’s sense of humanity has created a strong and emotional brand community, in turn highlighting the company and its product at the front of consumer minds. Adding sentiment and meaning to your identity increases the probability of people thinking of your brand or business when considering their options. 


Casper is no longer just a friendly ghost but is a widely recognised mattress company! A contributor to the brands wide recognition is the consistency in their branding identity. 

Perfectly in tune with their brands’ personality, their simple logo and soothing colour scheme of blue are consistent throughout their website design, their photos and other visual elements.

From the start, Casper did a great job producing interesting, engaging content.  For example, take a look at the brand’s guide to different mattress sizes: 

This information will stick in people’s minds when it comes to mattress shopping, therefore making it not only useful content but is also memorable. 

Casper created an instantly recognisable and accessible visual identity alongside a friendly, clear and well defined, brand tone of voice for all of their written content.

While smaller businesses and startups may not have the full extent of resources to clearly define their brand, they can learn from and replicate Casper’s success in creating a friendly, approachable voice that sets them apart from their competitors.


The meditation app Headspace uses bright cheerful colours in order to bring joy and decrease stress (the mission of the meditation app). From a branding perspective, the company are doing many things right!

Their branding naturally displays itself on their website and social media. With illustrated characters and inspirational quotes, they ensure consistency with every piece of content they create.

The illustrated characters are pretty cute, but they are much more than that. Headspace is one of the few brands that have fully committed to the use of illustration (and who use it well) throughout every aspect of their marketing. Headspace is creating a memorable experience through its unique, whimsical illustration, which helps portray the complex concepts in a creative manner, consequently making it perfect for exploring the topic of meditation. 

Individuals who are looking into the topic of meditation or mindfulness are looking for a solution to their problems; essentially they are looking for happiness. Headspace has flawlessly created a relatable and accessible feel to its brand. From the font choices to illustrations, to bright and bold colours, every aspect of their branding breathes happiness.


Surreal UK is a new cereal brand and they have cereal-ously nailed their branding! Their bold and bright colours really add to that ‘surreal’ feeling. The consistency they have created throughout their website and social media show a really strong brand identity, the perfect recipe for a new brand!  

Surreal is on a mission to make each day a bit more joyful and playful, and what does each day start with? Breakfast! They believe that having a ‘playful mindset is a healthy mindset’. 

From their fonts to colours, to their punny writing style and surreal collage-like images (mixture of images and illustrations), it all loops into their ‘playful’ mission. 

Ready, Set, Brand

Are you looking for new or refreshed branding for your business?

Our team can help present your brand’s personality through logo design, fonts, colours and tone of voice.

Whether you have a brief, a mood board or no idea at all, our team will build a brand fit for your business, including a full set of branding guidelines to ensure brand consistency across all marketing.

Make your branding stand out in 2022!

Emily Clewer

Marketing Assistant

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