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In October 2019, I took a break from my career to think about what I wanted to do and came to the conclusion that I wanted to start my own business. 

I am very creative minded and have a wide range of experience and knowledge of the marketing industry, from both in-house and agency style backgrounds, I secretly always wanted to start my own Marketing Agency with a large team. 

My ambition was to create a fun working environment to help businesses market their company to improve their sales and grow their business, but also a place where people want to work. The culture was always important to me, you spend the majority of your life in the workplace so why do something you don’t enjoy, in somewhere you don’t want to work?

I started by focusing on the company brand. I’ve always loved the colour purple and it was actually my Mum that phoned me up and suggested Marketing Purks.

By the time I finalised the branding (even though it’s ever-evolving), it was February 2020. I started out with just two clients and within one month of the business being up and running, lockdown was announced…

The average person may have panicked about this situation and thought “what have I done?”, I didn’t! I kept pushing my business online and reaching out to business owners that I could see needed help with their marketing!

The pandemic saw a rise in the usage of social media, making it the perfect time to market a business across online platforms. Even though a lot of businesses were struggling and facing many new challenges, there were a lot of businesses that grew because they either pivoted or were simply innovative with their businesses. If you stood still then you probably weren’t going to survive (brutal but true).

How we succeeded through the pandemic 

One of the biggest reasons for our success during the pandemic was being surrounded by the right people. It definitely helped that my boyfriend also has his own business and so was able to help me. I learnt from his experiences, his successes and yes of course his learnings. We all make mistakes, but they are what build us and help us grow. We need to make mistakes to learn!

In the very beginning, I signed up with a business coach, Gavin Hill-John. He helped me every step of the way, opening my eyes to things I was missing and challenging me on my views and decisions.

I also joined a networking group, BNI Reliance. This was one of the best things I did for my MP. With being on my own, stuck in the house and having no colleagues to talk to, they were my colleagues, my support group and most of them ended up becoming my clients. This was simply down to me building relationships and them sharing their knowledge and expertise of owning and running their own successful businesses.


Over the past 2 years, MP has grown and we have achieved so many amazing things! From a team that started out as just me, we have now grown to a team of 5. We have well-founded and growing relationships with each of our clients along with strong relationships with our external suppliers. This year we have been nominated for the New on the Scene Business Growth Award 2022! 

A photo of our office with a number 2 inflatable balloon. Behind is our flower wall which has lots of purple flowers, petals to reflect our branding.

We could never have imagined that we would be where we are today. Thank you to everyone who has supported us along the journey, we can’t wait to see what the next year brings!

So the burning question… would I do it all over again? Yes! Would I change anything? Probably not. Everything fell into place and I may not have the team I have now if I changed anything.

All the stresses and office changes were 100% all worth it! 


Now onto the next goal… 

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A graphic visually showing our journey as a company. We started the business in February 2020. In September 2020 we had our first office. In October Meg, joined the business. We turned 1 in February 2021. Soon after, in March 2021, Izzie & Jamie joined the company. We moved office again in April 2021. By May 2021 our website had been updated and was more modernised by Jamie. In October 2021 Emily joined Marketing Purks! In December 2021, we were nominated for our first award. In February 2022 we turned 2!

Daisy Purkis

Founder and Director

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