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It's A Barbie World

It is no secret by now that the new remake of Barbie is coming to our cinema screens on 21st of July this year, and the nation is going absolutely wild for it! Between the trailer, the premieres and all of those marketing campaigns, there has been no end of the content to keep us on our toes and awaiting the year’s top film. Let’s take a little look into some of the best Barbie marketing campaigns to refresh our memories before the big day…

The Pink Barbie Marketing Billboard

Simple but effective – this Barbie movie campaign is far from your usual billboard, and that’s precisely why it will work. I don’t know about you, but when I’m driving down the same road every day, I don’t notice the usual information-packed billboards, and I certainly don’t have time to read them, so one like this is likely to catch many drivers’ attention. It’s also easy to guess what the bright pink colour indicates, as we are all familiar with the Barbie brand. By putting the date in smaller text form at the bottom corner of the billboard, because it is also the only text on there, passers-by are more likely to read it and, more importantly, remember it. 

The Barbie Marketing Filter

The Barbie marketing team generated an AI face generator for fans to take a selfie, with a sparkly pink background and special effects that turn the individual into a Barbie-like figure. As you can imagine, this went viral on social media apps such as TikTok and Instagram as users were enjoying joining the hype. This marketing technique, starting months before the release date of the movie, was the perfect play from the Barbie marketing campaign by allowing users to join in on a playful trend in advance of the upcoming film, and therefore allowing it time to go viral and get fans excited months in advance. 

The Barbie Bench


It really does feel like we’re living in a Barbie world when pink is even taking over our public benches, but who cares when there’s also a photo of Ryan Gosling, right? This campaign is the epitome of fun, and if I walked past this on my daily walk to work, I would definitely crack a smile, not to mention the attention the fluorescent pink colour will draw. It’s hard not to look forward to the movie when you feel like you’re also living it, and that’s what I love about Barbie’s marketing campaign – it’s everywhere!

Barbie Can


The Barbie marketing team were up to their tricks with this campaign after numerous tweets and other social posts had been circling the internet with astonished civilians thinking that the Barbican station had in fact been renamed the ‘Barbie-can’ station. This left fans disappointed after TfL confirmed that the image was in fact photoshopped, with some even going to the location to confirm. Even though this campaign turned out to be fake, we can’t fault the marketing team for their efforts with this one, but we still wish it was real as it could have been the rebrand of the year!

Barbie’s Malibu Dream House


It’s not only Barbie who will be making a profit from their out-of-the-box marketing ideas but also, completely different brands who have been using the recent Barbie material to attract customers and market their business too. For instance, Airbnb took advantage of this perfect marketing opportunity, and they certainly got it spot on! 

Not only is there actually a Barbie Malibu Dream House to rent, but the images look just like those out of the movie – well done, Airbnb, for this one!

All in all, the Barbie marketing team is indeed out for a pay rise as they have been on the ball ever since the film was announced, and we are so here for it! We are loving the endless campaigns from Barbie and from other brands who have made their own twist on Barbie and using it to attract customers to their business too, because after all, everyone knows the Barbie brand.

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