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Fashion Brands That Are Smashing TikTok Marketing

It’s no secret that TikTok is an excellent platform for marketing, especially to millennials and the Gen-Z generation. Still, a particular industry that has taken off on the viral app is the fashion industry. You can pretty much put any business you like on TikTok, and you can even sell your products on TikTok shop, which sells everything from perfume to toilet rolls – there really is no restriction for what you would like to sell!

We will discuss five small and large fashion brands that have used TikTok to their full advantage and created a marketing campaign that suits the app and its target audience.

Jazzy Garms

@jazzygarms Obsessed with this dress and the song!!💞🪩 The most flatterling dress, check out our collection of maddy dresses on our website!🦋💙 #festivaloutfits #festival #jazzygarms #fyp #rave #ravefit #styling #summerfit #raveoutfit #stylingideas #viral #summerdress ♬ original sound - piri

Famous for its ‘rave-worthy’ outfits, Jazzy Garms leans into this selling point of theirs, as well as showing off their colourful garments across TikTok with eye-catching content. This small fashion brand initially went viral because of a ‘before and after’ video of one of their dresses, and they soon realised that they had to keep up the good content to drive more customers to their brand. 

So what about their content made them so successful? 

By establishing their target audience, which tends to be festival-goers and gen-z, they tend to cater their content and clothing to recent trends and styles. They will also hop onto TikTok trends to ensure they stay relevant and up-to-date with the fast-paced fashion industry. They also knew from their first viral TikTok the kind of content that would work for them, so they have honed in on that and repeated a similar format, which has gained them over 100k followers.

American Eagle

@americaneagle after design and production, @maddie ziegler and @Mackenzie Ziegler ♬ original sound - American Eagle

Moving on to a high-street fashion brand, American Eagle provides classic denim and scroll-stopping TikToks. American Eagle focuses on their all-american feel with their aesthetic and the influencers they choose to work with. One thing that American Eagle is definitely doing right with their TikTok marketing is that the influencers that they work with are the likes of Alix Earle, who is a mega influencer with over 5 million followers, as well as Sophie Sargent, who is a micro-influencer with only 9k followers. This demonstrates inclusivity and that you don’t need to be the most followed influencer on TikTok to work with the biggest brands, and will, in turn, draw more customers to their brand as this will be noticed and valued. Their TikTok strategy is a mixture of high-quality brand awareness and campaigns with smaller and bigger influencers that significantly increase engagement. This, combined with their lesson to other brands about working with micro-influencers, sets them in good stead as a brand, and the more they are respected, the more customers will want to purchase their clothing.


@zara Beauty routine with @sabrinaaalan_ #zarabeauty ♬ original sound - ZARA

We have all seen the Zara try-on hauls and unboxings that flood our For You pages of customers demonstrating their new Zara favourites, and we have all definitely been influenced to click on the website and have a look for ourselves – and this is why Zara always gets it right! 

With their ever-changing new-in section and season staples, Zara knows how to sell fashion, but they also know how to sell their brand on TikTok. They have created a particular aesthetic that aligns with their style and exactly what their customers want, and they do this by applying the sleek and classy look of their garments onto their social media. Zara has provided some content to the TikTok world: nostalgic videos, digital art, and viral ASMR videos. What makes Zara stand out from the crowd is that they do not just hop on to these trends; they truly make them their own and apply the same feel as they do, from their clothes to the content for their TikTok, and I must say it works a treat!

Amazon Fashion

@amazonfashion soft hiking >>>>> 🎥 amazon fashion expert: john ⚡link in bio to shop this video⚡ #hiking #softhiking #camping #outdoors ♬ original sound - Amazon Fashion

Since Amazon Fashion came about, they have focused much of their efforts on their TikTok strategy, from trending challenges and clothing hauls to real customers trying on their garments and partnering with influencers. Amazon Fashion is doing everything it can to stay relevant and increase sales. Each of their TikToks is labelled, allowing viewers to know exactly what is going on in the upcoming video and creating little confusion about what it is about. 

Why does this work for them?

Since finding out about the #tiktokmademebuyit trend, Amazon Fashion has hopped on and is authentically showing their products, but also by partnering with influencers such as Cyd Simone.

Amazon Fashion

@snagtights @ems|Plus Size Fashion✨🪩 slaying in her Snags! Order yours now #snags #TikTokFashion ♬ original sound - Snag Tights

To finish off, we will discuss another small fashion brand, Snag Tights, and how they market their products as the epitome of style and comfort. Snag Tights’ content demonstrates inclusivity by showing models of all different shapes and sizes, which is an essential part of the fashion industry, especially in recent years. Individuals are much more likely to engage with your account and purchase your products if they know that you are a fair, inclusive company towards both staff and customers. This works so well on TikTok because it gives the customer a visual to celebrate body positivity. 

We can’t wait to see what fashion brands take to TikTok next, and we also look forward to keeping up to date with those that are smashing TikTok right now. If I was to start my own fashion brand today, TikTok would be the first place I go to market my new brand!

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