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July 6th marked the day when a new app, a sister of Instagram called Threads, graced the social media world. 

This app allows you to post a ‘Thread’, which is essentially a line of text, a meme, or whatever you like, and it will enable followers to engage with it by responding in the comments. In a nutshell, Threads is the new Twitter – it’s just linked to your Instagram account instead!

As you can imagine, the internet has been flooded with opinions and funny memes about the new app.

But do we think Threads is going to stick?


Social Media apps are a hard thing to get right, we have seen the rise and the quick decline of many apps that have tried to rise to the top where the likes of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter remain, and the only one that has recently taken off in the last few years and continues to do so is TikTok. Therefore, it would take no other than Mark Zuckerberg himself to create something that will become as widely used as Facebook.

So, is Twitter’s new competitor, Threads,  just that, or will it win the battle and take over Twitter’s space at the top?

Here are some statistics from Threads’ first day:

  • Within just 7 hours of it being live, Threads attracted approximately 10 million sign-ups, including celebrities and influencers.
  • Due to its connection with Instagram, over 2 billion active users have the option to import their data straight to Threads. 
  • Within 24 hours of its launch, Threads had gained over 30 million sign-ups.

These statistics are pretty impressive for the new app’s first day. Mark Zuckerberg is looking to increase them even more so that they reach over 1 billion users, as he believes “There should be a public conversations app with 1+ billion people on it.” He also went on to state how Twitter had the opportunity to become this app but has failed to do so. 

So, what is Elon Musk saying about Threads?

As of Thursday, July 6th, Twitter has been threatening Meta with a lawsuit regarding its new app that plans to overtake the struggling social media site that is Twitter. Meta has since been accused of hiring a handful of Twitter’s former employees to gain insight into the platform’s secrets and how it functions, which would break any contracts of confidentiality. Mark Zuckerberg took to Twitter to add fuel to the fire with a funny spider-man meme showing how the two multi-billionaires are going head-to-head in this battle of social media sites:


Could this be the downfall of Threads already, or will Zuckerberg win the lawsuit, and will we see the collapse of Twitter instead?

However, on a more positive note about threads, Steven Bartlett took to LinkedIn to share his opinions on the new platform: “Threads is very similar to Twitter…you can post any media type, you can like, reply, retweet, or quote retweet, but there are a few key changes that I think make a lot of difference.”

What are these?

Well, when you sign-up for Threads it uses your existing information from Instagram, right down to your username and following, and transfers it straight to Threads so you don’t have to set it up yourself. It also gives you the option to follow everyone that you follow on Instagram, meaning you will already likely have a decent following before you even create your first post. There is no discovery page like there are with most social media apps, and there is also no option to search for content on the app, which means it is creating a friendly community with people you are familiar with, and also creates less room for cancel-culture – I’d say those are some pretty positive points about the Threads app by Steven Bartlett!

We are excited to see what the future holds for Threads! 

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