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Tube Girl:
What Should She Do Next?

Tube Girl:
What Should
She Do Next?

@sabrinabahsoon You know the glam team is fire when they bring a leafblower for the #tubegirleffect ✨ thank you @patrick ta @Dimitri Giannetos for bringing out my inner baddie 🖤#tubegirl ♬ escapism slowed - Dezalyr.

It is no secret that Sabrina Bahsoon, aka Tube Girl, has been a colossal hit amongst TikTokers and social media fanatics. By turning the London Underground into her personal performance stage, she has attracted the attention of more than just those travelling on the same tube. Since that iconic first video, Sabrina has been approached by some of the biggest brands, such as MAC and Bentley. 

In just a short few weeks, the hashtag #tubegirl has hit over 662 million videos of fellow TikTokers replicating Sabrina’s dance moves. 

Sabrina has inadvertently become one of the most popular individuals to come out of 2023, but how can she stay relevant in 2024?

Here’s what we would do if we were part of Sabrina’s management team:

Brand Deals

Although there is some controversy around brand deals on the likes of Instagram and TikTok and their genuineness, it is a crucial move for influencers in 2023. However, what’s more important is choosing the right brand deal for their image and the audience they are trying to reach.

For instance, at the age of 22 and the tail end of her student life, Sabrina will want to give the perception of being relatable to people living a similar life to her before she became Tube Girl. That way, there will be no question of whether the fame has gone to her head by just choosing the brand that is looking to pay her the most money. For example, Sabrina’s audience don’t want to see her selling toothpaste; they would prefer to see her collaborating with brands that mean something to her and her audience.


It’s important for Sabrina to remember her roots (TikTok) as that’s where her success originated and what her audience will want to see more of. That’s not to say she shouldn’t venture into the other sides of social media, such as hopping onto other viral TikTok trends and posting outfit reels on Instagram. However, incorporating her subway dances and her new name, ‘Tube Girl’, into her new life of fame, she is likely to succeed.


Collaborating with big clothing brands such as Pretty Little Thing or cosmetic companies such as MAC Tube Girl will be able to reach a number of audiences in multiple industries. 

If we were a part of her management team, we would request meetings with a number of large brands to consider a ‘Tube Girl’ collaboration. For instance, naming a clothing line after her or bringing out a limited edition makeup product called ‘Tube Girl’.


As a part of Tube Girl’s management team, we would reach out to an abundance of large brands and event organisers to invite Sabrina to events such as brand launches, award ceremonies, movie premieres, and other nationwide events that occur annually. This would increase Tube Girl’s reach and would also help her to network with other like-minded individuals who may be interested in working with her.

To conclude, once the excitement of her tube TikToks going viral and having this newfound image has died down, Tube Girl needs to get to work to build her own brand image and stay relevant in this fast-paced, ever-changing industry, and she’s going to need a management team with an insight into the world of marketing and brand awareness in order to accomplish this.

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